Trackmania System Requirements | Recommended and Minimum

Can I run it? Recommended and minimum PC Game Trackmania system requirements. Developed by Nadeo, ‘TrackMania’ is a racing video game released for the platform of Microsoft Windows. The game’s initial release was in November 2003 in United Kingdom and France. In May 2004, the game became available for the rest of the world. The publishing credit of TrackMania goes to Digital Jesters for the game’s distribution in UK, Focus in France, Enlight Software in the United States of America, along with Buka and Steam. The game received mixed responses from the critic of the various gaming websites. rated the game as 5.9/10 while Game Chronicles gave the game an approval rating of 89 out of a possible 100. The game’s aggregate score on Metacritic turned out to be 74/100. The game features arcade racing.

Trackmania System Requirements Recommended and Minimum

Trackmania System Requirements

A number of racing modes are there in the game play. The Series races consist of a number of separate challenges where the main goal is to break records, earn medals and collect coppers. This mode follows a person’s progression and unlocks more events as he moves further in the game play. The game’s difficulty level increases as one progresses. The Survival mode gives the player the freedom to choose from 2 to 3 given tracks. The player has 3 rivals in each race and the main aim of the player is to finish on at least 3rd position. The game continues until the player does not manage to make it to the top three positions. If the player finishes in the first or second place, he is allowed to skip a track of his choice. One interesting mode showcased in the game is the ‘Puzzle’ mode. In this mode, the player has to complete a track with given start and finishing lines. The player has to choose the pieces of the track in such a way so as to give the best time possible while racing on the completed track. This is done through the track editor. With more than 2,000 pieces to choose from, the track editing is an extremely fun sport in itself. Some of these pieces can be bought with the ‘coppers’ a person has earned while some of these have to be unlocked in the puzzle mode. One condition whike buying these blocks is that they can only be bought for the environment they were won in. The three environments are Rally, Snow and Speed. The interface of the track designer is informative and easy to use.

Trackmania System Requirements

Check official system requirements for Trackmania. These are the confirmed and optimum specs for best game experience.

HardwareMinumum System RequirementsRecommended System Requirements
Video Card/VGA/GPU 16 MB 3D video card 128 MB video card (NVIDIA GeForce FX or better)
Direct X VersionDirect X 9Direct X 9
Operating SystemWindows XP 32bitWindows XP/Vista/Windows 7
Hard Disk Space540 MB1 GB
Processor/CPU Speed450 MHz2 Ghz
CPUPentium IIPentium 4

More than 52 tracks are already present in the game however the users get the freedom to create and share as many tracks as they want. So this takes out the factor of monotony from the game. The tracks resemble the roller coaster tracks more than the racing tracks. One downside to the game might be the lack of damage modeling of the car, cosmetic or performance wise. The game showcases three classes of cars, the Rally Super Minis, the alpine 4x4s, and the speed muscle cars. These all total up to be 87 different cars. With the use of the graphics editor, the players get the freedom to create or modify the skins of the cars.

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The game features both single and multiplayers with up to 10 people supported on the multiplayer platform. On the multiplayer platform, one also gets the freedom to share track designs and create custom challenges. The game’s graphics are fairly good considering the time it was released in. Subtle while intricate details add a sense of realism to the visual graphics. The cars behave differently in dirt, snow and water ridden environments. The soundtrack of the game cannot be called as very adequate. About one theme song is entitled to each of the environments and this might prove to be a bore to the player. The sounds made by the tires can be heard to be different in the varying environments.

With its interactive interface, TrackMania is a game for you when you just want to have some fun. Whether it is for a few minutes or hours, the game holds the ability to thoroughly entertain the player while demanding very little effort. With a mixture of arcade racing, simulation and puzzle, TrackMania introduces a new genre to the gaming sport.

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