Shadow Warrior 2 System Requirements | Recommended and Minimum

Can I run it?. PC game recommended and minimum Shadow Warrior 2 System Requirements. Shadow Warrior 2 is a shooter video game played in first person perspective. It was released worldwide on 13th October 2016 for the platform of Microsoft Windows. The versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are set to be released in early 2017. The game was developed by Flying Wild Hog, an independent entity. It was published by Devolver Digital. The game serves as the second installment in the ‘Shadow Warrior’ video game franchise. The reception to the game turned out to be generally favorable. gave the game a rating of 8.6/10. The aggregate score of the game on Metacritic was 78 out of a total 100. Here is another DOOM 2016 System Requirements, both recommended and minimum as well.

Shadow Warrior 2 System Requirements | Recommended and Minimum

Shadow Warrior 2

The story line in Shadow Warrior 2 is continuous to the previous installment. The protagonist of the plot is ‘Lo Wang’, the same character who was represented in the prequel too. The fictional world is once again portrayed to be in danger from demons belonging to another dimension, and it has fallen upon Lo Wang to save the day. The main character is also known to be excessively chatty, throwing around poorly constructed jokes. The weapons at the disposal of the main character total up to 70. These range from blades to firearms. These weapons are subject to up gradation. The campaign mode is played in the single-player mode. Primary missions and side quests make up this game play.  The cooperative multiplayer mode can be played online with support for up to 4 players. The game play proves to be an amalgamation of combat and exploration. Melee attacks and acrobatic tricks hold the key to success in the missions. Upon completing the whole game, the player gets the freedom to start again, this time with all the upgrades that have been collected before.

Shadow Warrior 2 System Requirements

Check official system requirements for Shadow Warrior 2.These are the confirmed and optimum specs for best game experience.

HardwareMinumum System RequirementsRecommended System Requirements
Video Card/VGA/GPU GeForce GTX 560 Ti
/ Radeon HD 6850
GeForce GTX 660
/ Radeon HD 7850
Direct X VersionVersion 11Version 11
Operating SystemWindows 7 (64) / 8 / 8.1 / 10Windows 7 (64) / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Hard Disk Space14 GB of free hard drive space14 GB of free hard drive space
CPU/ProcessorCore i3-6300 3.8 GHz
Core i5-5675 3.1 GHz

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The physics engine used for the game mechanics is called ‘Road Hog Engine’. This engine supports high precision graphics and advanced physics for video games. The terrains of the maps feature a large amount of variety. The detail with which the various environments have been constructed can only be described as immaculate. It would not be wrong to say that Shadow Warrior 2 is immensely better than its ancestors and does hold the ability to provide one with a gripping game play.

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