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Can I run it? Recommended and minimum PC Game Road Redemption System Requirements. ‘Road Redemption’ is a racing video game that is still in it development phase. It was released in ‘Early Access’ version on 18, September 2014. It was done through the platform of Steam. It is developed by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ games. It features Vehicular combat in addition to the racing element. The final release of the game is planned for the platforms of Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Xbox One. The game garnered a positive critique on the platform on Steam with an accumulated score of 9 out of a possible 10. The current version of the game has managed to inspire positive reviews from several of the gaming websites. The Road Redemption development team monitors the response of the game’s users in order to cater to their needs in developing the game. The final release date of the game is planned to be in 2017, although no set month is announced yet. The Early Access version consists of about 10-15 hours of game play as of yet. The game features arcade style racing.

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Road Redemption System Requirements

Road Redemption

Upon the insistence of Ian Fisch, the game was planned as a revival of Road Rash series. It was announced in April 2013 with a kickstarting campaign which was funded the fans of the prospective game. The campaign managed to raise a sum of about $ 173,000. This amount exceeded the goal set by the developing team. The early beta version of the game was then released in 2014 with updates being added to the game in 2016. It is intended for the game to be an open-source game after its release, giving the players to add their modifications to the game.

Road Redemption System Requirements

Check official system requirements for  Road Redemption. These are the confirmed and optimum specs for best game experience.

HardwareMinumum System RequirementsRecommended System Requirements
Video Card/VGA/GPU GeForce 8600 GT
/ Radeon HD 3600 Series
GeForce GTS 250
/ Radeon HD 6670
Direct X VersionDirectX 9DirectX 9
Operating SystemWindows XP/ Vista / 7 /8/8.1 / Windows 10 Windows 7 /8/8.1 / Windows 10
Hard Disk Space1 GB of free hard drive space1 GB of free hard drive space
CPU/ProcessorPentium 4 1.4 GHz
Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0 GHz

The game plot follows the ventures of a motorcycle gang as they ride through the country, taking on risks to gain money on the way. The acts of assassinations, robberies, and other challenges are included in addition to racing competitions. In the game, the character can also face death, upon which his assets are used in upgrading the player’s character, bike, and the weapons that he owns. A multiplayer mode is also incorporated in the game. The game takes place in a post apocalyptic version of the United States of America. The country is presumably being ruled by a dictator. To derail this monarch, the leader of the gang takes it on himself to go on a mission which is intended for the assassination of the dictator. This is done without the knowledge of the gang. It then comes upon the gang to find the leader before he is captured by the government. This ferocious act of treason against the state has its implications on those related to the gang.

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The character can be upgraded throughout the game. Upon facing death, the credits earned by the player till that point are utilized in unlocking items from the skill tree. These skills persist regardless of the player’s mortality. The tracks offer an immense amount of variation. The event types and the race modes also vary in nature and offer a load of variety. The physics model used in the game results in unpredictability and at often times, a lack of logic. The single player mode is present in Road Redemption along with the multiplayer mode that features the same content. Furthermore, a split-screen mode is also available for up to 4 players to play the game simultaneously while co-operating. Artificially intelligent opponents are also offered for the split-screen mode.

Road Redemption has a lot of potential as a racing game of its genre. It is now upon the development team to make it into a top notch game for its player. Because the game was in beta version for quite some time, it is expected that all of the problems which were pointed out by the game’s users have been catered to. If this is done so, there is nothing stopping the game from becoming a best-seller. For those who are fans of racing games and combat games involving vehicles, Road Redemption can prove to be the perfect amalgamation. For the fans of the popular Road Dash series, this installment has all it takes to revive that nostalgic thrill.

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