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recommended Need For Speed Underground system requirements

Need For Speed Underground

Can I run it ?. Recommended and minimum pc game Need for speed underground system requirements. The seventh installment in the ‘Need for Speed’ series is the ‘Need for Speed: Underground’. It was published by Electronic Arts on 17 November 2003. Developed by Electronic Arts, EA Black Box and Pocketeers, said game was made for the platforms of Playstation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Aracde game, GameCube and Gameboy Advance. rated this installment as 8/10 while Gamespot also rated it the same. Metacritic gave it an 82% approval rating. The game bagged generally positive reviews from the critics and thus a sequel to it was made.  It was the first game in the series to use the ‘THX’ technology which ensured top notch audio and visuals. This game does not feature the exotic sports cars and the thrilling chases that the franchise is generally known for.

System Requirements For Need For Speed Underground

Check official system requirements for Need for Speed underground. These are the confirmed and optimum specs for best racing NFS game experience.

HardwareMinumum System RequirementsRecommended System Requirements
Video Card/VGA/GPU 32 MB256 MB
Direct X VersionDirect X 9.0 Direct X 9.0 or plus
Operating SystemWindows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8
Hard Disk Space450 MB450 MB
Processor/CPU SpeedPentium III 700 MHzPentium III 700 Mhz and higher

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The game became the first in the series to showcase a Career mode which featured a storyline. The plot follows the journey of a street racer in becoming the best one out on the streets. The story and the game are set in the fictional Olympic city which is said to be inspired from the cities of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The other mode, known as the Garage mode makes it possible for the players to fully customize their cars. Performance upgrades and Visual upgrades improve the quality of racing and also enhance the look of the car. But the real hero for driving in the urban jungle proves to be one’s razor sharp driving skills. The catch in the game is that instead of driving the high-profile sports cars, the player gets to drive the mid-range class of almost sports cars which are generally associated with the import scene. Check here about the recommended and minimum Need for Speed II System Requirements for PC.

The gameplay has a number of different modes. ‘Circuit’ mode consists of the player racing against up to 4 rivals around a closed track, completing a certain number of laps. ‘Knockout’ mode, as the name suggests, involves eliminating the runner up to each lap until the victor remains on the arcade. In the ‘Sprint’ race, one has to get past certain checkpoints before the other rivals do. ‘Drifting’ is dubbed as the most challenging of the modes and requires from the player the ability to surpass his opponents in a closed circuit track and collect more points than the others.  In this mode, there is no time limit and one’s finishing time does not hold any importance. Drag racing is deemed second to drifting in terms of technicality. Here the players must get past their opponents on a straight road using skillful driving and power boosts.

Customization, stunning sounds with amazing graphics, thrilling rides and exciting race modes, Need for Speed: Underground surely has a lot to offer. The always prevailing night and the danger of street racing is bound to give you a show of what the real sport is like. If you liked the previous installments of the Need for Speed series, you are guaranteed to develop an addiction to this game within minutes of playing it.

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