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Pc game Live for speed system requirements that are recommended and minimum both. Can I run it?. ‘Live for Speed’ is an online racing simulating game released initially n 13 July, 2003. It was developed by collaboration between three entities, Scawen Roberts, Victor Van Vlaardingen and Eric Bailey. The game got published by the same people as who developed it. This simulator was released for the platform of Microsoft windows. The game can be freely downloaded from the official website of the game but this download proves to be a mere demo of the game with it limited content. Purchasing a license is required in order to fully unlock all of the features available. This racing game is an independent effort in simulation by British developers. The game was released in three stages. Each stage focused on improvement in the fields of audio, graphics and physics engine. Additionally, each stage featured new tracks, cars and number of multiplayers. Stage 1 of Live for Speed was released on July 13, 2003.Live for Speed: Stage 2 got released on 24th June, 2005.The last installment in the game, the Stage 3 of Live for Speed had its release date on 19 December 2015. In 2005, the Stage 2 of the game got nominated for a number of awards. The bagged awards include the BlackHole Motorsport’s ‘Game of the Year’ award in addition to the ‘Best physics’ award and the ‘Best multiplayer’ award. The game won the ‘Best simulation’ award given by AutoSimSport magazine in 2005. Check also FlatOut 2 System Requirements from officials.

Live For Speed System Requirements

Live For Speed

The game features serious simulation without aids and customization. The free version of the game offers only one track and three cars for the players to indulge in. The physics of the game can be described as simply being smooth. The controls are fairly easy to get accustomed to. With realistic torque, under steer, tire flexing and squealing of the car, the simulator manages to be exceptionally true to its nature. With a little practice, it is not difficult to be a pro in the game. External modification of the car is not supported. The players are free to make skins for the cars and upload them on the Online Server. The game lacks a plot and consists of pure adrenaline filled racing. The game supports peripherals like joystick, mouse, keyboard, gamepad and steering wheels. The best results can be experienced through force transmission which can be best done with steering wheels and joysticks. Each car is designed to be handled differently.

Live For Speed System Requirements

Check official system requirements for Live For Speed LFS. These are the confirmed and optimum specs for best LFS game experience.

HardwareMinumum System Requirements
Video Card/VGA/GPU 16 MB enough
Direct X VersionDirectX 9.0c
Operating SystemWindows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8, Windows 10,
Hard Disk Space300 MB
Processor/CPU SpeedPentium P-3 1 GHz

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The cars featured in the game vary in terms of performance. With more than 20 cars available through all the three stages, there are a number of fictional and real cars in the game. The licensed cars include BMW Sauber F1.06, Formula BMW, Volkswagen Scirocco and many others. A number of different tracks are featured in the game, some of which are inspired from real places like London, Jamaica, and Japan. The fictional circuits are named like Kyoto Ring, West Hill, an Blackwood. These tracks are made for a variety of racing modes. Rally cross tracks, drag strips and parking lots are there for creating variety in the game play. The S3 version of Live for Speed showcases a laser scanned version of Rockingham Motor Speedway which is licensed. Custom tracks can be built by the players through the editor.

Live for Speed supports single play and online multiplayer mode. The single players can compete against up to 19 computer generated opponents. In the multiplayer mode, it is not difficult to get a competition. Various types of statistic can be easily viewed I the online server of the game. These stats include driver’s profile, race results and Real time activity chart of the world. While the graphics of the game are not top-notch, Live for Speed ensure that the ride the players are in for is without any glitches. The weather is always sunny, so it is bound to be cheerful. However, this also means a lack of variation in the weather conditions and thus yields to a perpetual sense of monotony. For simulation enthusiasts, Live for Speed is well worth its price. However, those who are skeptical about spending their money, there is a free demo version of the game. In a nutshell, this game is a sure way to have a fun time.

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