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Can I run it? Recommended and minimum PC Game Bus Simulator 2012 System Requirements. ‘Bus Simulator 2012’ or at oft times, ‘Euro Bus Simulator 2012’ is a bus simulating computer game developed by TML studios. It was released on 23rd Feb 2012. It was published under the banner of Astragon Software GMbH. The simulator supports the platform of Microsoft Windows only. The game was developed to provide a single player game play. Bust Simulator 2012 received mostly negative critique upon its release. None of the major gaming companies reviewed the game. LEVEL (Czech Republic) gave the game a score of 60 out of a possible score of 100. Steam rated the simulator as 5/10. The game plays on both the 32-bit version and the 64-bit version of Windows.

Bus Simulator 2012 System Requirements

Bus Simulator 2012

The game play starts with the customization of the driver by creating his profile. The gender of the driver, the date of birth, and name etc. are customized to suit one’s preferences. This gives the driver a realistic entity. After this, the player is provided with the pass code and a driver’s code which is unique to every driver. The beginner mode of the game acts as a tutorial to the game play. Upon getting familiarized with the all the game’s necessities, the players can then take a chance at the ‘Expert’ mode. This mode is quite different than the beginner mode in terms of the difficulty level. Every mistake yields a negative impact on the player’s performance. There are only two types of uses present which the players have the freedom to choose from. There is the option of the Standard Bus and the Articulated Bus. The simulator proves to be painfully honest to its real life counterpart. The passengers on the bus at a time and the stops have to be managed with a lot of care and concentration. The traffic depicted in the game mimics that encountered in real life and is full of challenges and frustration.  Traffic laws have to be obeyed in order to avoid a possible penalty. The passengers and the pedestrians are designed to celebrate variety in terms of age, manners and such.

Bus Simulator 2012 System Requirements

Check official system requirements for Bus Simulator 2012. These are the confirmed and optimum specs for best game experience.

HardwareMinumum System RequirementsRecommended System Requirements
Video Card/VGA/GPU GeForce GT 330
/ Radeon HD 3600 Series
GeForce GTS 250
/ Radeon HD 6670
Direct X VersionDirectX 9DirectX 10
Operating SystemWindows XP/Vista / 7 /8/8.1 / Windows 10 Windows 7 /8/8.1 / Windows 10
Hard Disk Space5 GB of free hard drive space5 GB of free hard drive space
CPU/ProcessorCeleron E1500 Dual-Core 2.2 GHz
Core 2 Duo E7600 3.06 GHz

The routes have to be visited on scheduled timings. The passengers of the bus are designed to as responsive a possible. The mundane tasks of checking in the cash register and greeting every passenger may prove to be dull to some. The details of the game are very true to real life situations. An example of this is that the driver, sometimes runs out of change and has to head back to the depot to cater to this problem. These little details make this simulation one worthy of applause. There is the open exploration mode which lets one explore the city without any restriction. A number of challenges are also featured which result in reward being gained upon completion.

The game play takes place in the fictional city of FreyFurt which is depicted to be a German city. The city spans over 6 town areas with a total of 450 bus stops. The integrated editor of the game gives one the ability to design custom routes. The Bus Simulator features a dynamic weather system which takes out the element of monotony from the game. Interestingly, the passengers also react in accordance with the weather conditions. Furthermore, the simulator features the different seasons and their respective conditions. The choice of the month in which the driver is working a shift determines the season that the player gets to experience. The changes between these seasons can be seen in the varied details of the environment, e.g. the trees. The environments are designed to give the most realistic experience to its users. The bus simulation is done on extremely intricately and incorporates all the features of a real bus into its graphical counterpart.

The major drawback of the simulator is that it lacks variety in terms of the track terrain and the vehicles available. Another let down is that there are not a lot of modes present to change the game play. With all of these problems, the Bus Simulator 2012 often becomes quite dry. But for the fans of Bust simulation, this is the most accurate that a simulator of this sort gets. There is a new level of authenticity added to game if one chooses to get creative and make use of the editor. New track, vehicle and such can be added to make the game more interesting.

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